1460 Broadway New York NY
Why Choose Magicalfa
  • Brain wave modulation technology that induces the brain to sync with the “healthy” wave structures
  • Fast and not furious
  • Novel solution
  • Solves the problem from the first day.
  • Only 10-30 minutes daily (depending on indication and severity), and your brain is set


A highly professional and motivated team, backed up and substantiated by a board of directors, all members of the highest business qualifications and abilities, alongside specialists in the intricate field of the human mind, engaged in challenges that are dealt with and resolved with the use of a devices

Dr. Khaled Khalil
Mr. Nisim Cohen
Dr. Oren Fuerst
Prof. M. Scheinowitz
Chief Science Officer (CSO)
Professor Giora Weisz
Scientific Advisor Board

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